Lake District

I'm Tim M1JCB. You are welcome to use this VOIP reflector.

This Conference Reflector has ten channels on ten different ports

Click on a link below to see the activity log for that channel

Channel 0 - Channel 1 - Channel 2 - Channel 3 - Channel 4 - Channel 5 - Channel 6 - Channel 7 - Channel 8 - Channel 9

you can run a special script in your IRLP node for connecting
Ispeaker and Imike to the IP address and port number of this reflector


you can run the speak freely software from your windows computer.

Speak Freely Software for Windows computer - Download Links:

Download Executable here
Download zip file here

A good script to run on your IRLP node for connecting to this reflector is shown below:


sleep 1 
decode 9000 
sleep 1 
killall ispeaker  
sleep 1  
killall imike  
sleep 1 
ispeaker -p2074 >/dev/null 2>&1 & 
imike -F >/dev/null 2>&1 & 
echo "you are now connected to the M1JCB reflector port 2074 channel 0  at" 


You can access any of the ten channels
by simply changing the port number 2074 in the above script
to one of the other channels

Port 2074 = Channel 0
Port 2076 = Channel 1
Port 2078 = Channel 2
Port 2080 = Channel 3
Port 2082 = Channel 4
Port 2084 = Channel 5
Port 2086 = Channel 6
Port 2088 = Channel 7
Port 2090 = Channel 8
Port 2092 = Channel 9

If you want to use a Linux computer instead of windows then you will use Ispeaker and Imike.
All Linux IRLP nodes come with Ispeaker and Imike in the /home/irlp/bin folder
If you don't yet have an IRLP node then
Download the zip file of these two linux binaries here:
Ispeaker Imike Zip File

IRLP tutorial for beginners


Download the PDF file of the tutorial

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